Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mr. Stinky Feet Concert Ends With Izzy In The Hosiptal

It's been a rather busy weekend. This post may be rather long, but very interesting. First I will begin with the Mr. Stinky Feet Concert we took the girls to on Saturday evening. It was held at an outdoor amphitheater in Kearney, Missouri. It was so nice outside and the Fairgrounds were beautiful. There were several hundred people in attendance. Before the show, Izabel got to explore a firetruck, an ambulance and a UPS truck. What kid doesn't love seeing a UPS truck! She climbed up in each truck, explored it's possibilities and then let the next child go. She thought it was really cool!

The concert was really good and Izabel had the time of her life dancing and prancing around the grounds along with a couple hundred other children. Mr. Stinky Feet is a native of Kansas City and did a great job singing silly songs. The audience participated right along with the songs and a few times several kids were allowed to go on stage and play along. It turned out to be really cute and I think Izabel really enjoyed being at her first concert.

Emily hung out in the stroller for a majority of the activities but ventured out a few times to see the concert. She was kicking her feet so wildly. It was so cute to see her so excited to hear the music. I think she liked being in the fresh air and sunshine too.

There are lots more pictures from the concert on FLICKR! Be sure to check them out. Also, as soon as things are somewhat back to normal around here, I have several minutes worth of video footage of Izabel dancing at the concert that I will upload. It's adorable!!!

After Mr. Stink Feet, we took Izabel to a new park on the grounds. It was a very cool park, but maybe a little too big for Izzy and what she is used to. She played for awhile, climbing higher than anyone there. She went down the slides and her and Daddy did a few together. The photo below was the last one taken at the park before we rushed Izabel to the nearest hospital emergency room.

And when I say rushed, I mean I was pushing 90MPH to get there!! When Izabel and Daddy came down and off the slide, something happened to her leg. We are not too sure what happened exactly, but she hurt it pretty bad. She was screaming and sobbing non-stop. We knew something was wrong because nothing was working to calm her down. We reached the ER where they took her right in and we started the process of x-rays. Izabel was very scared of the doctors for the first and did not like it when they touched her leg. We didn't know exactly where it hurt, but her ankle was slightly swollen and a small bruise was forming on the top of her foot.

After awhile, the doctor came in and said they couldn't see anything on the x-rays and sent us home on around the clock Motrin. Izabel was still very upset and couldn't and wouldn't put any pressure on her foot what-so-ever. The night was long and Izabel remained in pain. I had to wake her every few hours to administer the Motrin and when she would wake, all she wanted to do was "walk mommy, walk."
This morning, Sunday, I called our regular pediatrician and asked for advice. "Take her to the Children's Hospital." With a bath taken and the girls packed and loaded, we headed to drop Emmy off at Gama and Papa's and then take Izabel downtown to Children's Mercy.

3 Hours into the visit and she is splint and casted for a fractured tibia. The doctor who seen Izabel at CMH said the fracture was right there on the x-rays from the ER the first night. I was a little more than upset that the first doctor didn't catch it. Greg and I are releived to have the situation under control and feel for our baby girl very much. Needless to say, there has been lots of loving and blue ice cream.

Izabel was sent home with the splint, which is to remain on at all times until she see's an orthopedic surgeon next week. She was also prescribed Ocycodone every 4 hours and Motrin every 6 hours. As it is, Izabel is completely immobile. She is scared to death to stand up or scoot using her leg at all. The CMH doctor suggested getting a wagon and transporting her that way. Otherwise, we carry her where she wants to go. She's to stay rested and her leg elevated. The splinting they did was a fiberglass material and takes 24 hours to form and dry, so a pillow is needed for her leg.

It's been a very long weekend full of tears. Please keep Izabel in your thoughts and prayers as we look ahead to a few weeks of this cast, pain meds and a little girl who wants to run, but can't.

Again, lots and lots of pictures from the entire weekends worth of events are on FLICKR! Enjoy!

One final note, I have all of Izabel's x-rays on cd and hope to view them and publish them sometime this week.


Bren said...

Oh, poor baby! And poor you! My oldest broke her arm when she was 2 1/2 and I'll never forget the look on her face when it happened. It took 10 years off her life!

Bren said...

I meant to say 10 years off my life! She doesn't even remember it.