Friday, April 25, 2008

Haiku Friday-Izzy's Cast and Emmy Rolls

Haiku Friday

Began With A Slide
They Came Down, The Pair, So Fast
Izzy Was Crying

Our Baby Was Hurt
Her Tibia Was Fractured
We Do Not Know How

Izzy's First Bone Cast
Daddy Picked The Purple One
Three Weeks And It's Off

Princess Emmy Rolls
Back To Tummy; Tum To Back
Four Months, Two Weeks

She Is Growing Fast
Babbling And Sitting So Tall
Mom Tries To Hold On

Don't Grow Up So Fast
Wait Just Awhile Longer
We Will Tell You When

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Marylin said...

Aww gratz on the rolling! Max is 6 months and will only roll back to front - he's a lazy lil man!

Poor little Izzy, I hope she's feeling better soon!

Melissa said...

Poor Izzy! But she looks like she has a good attitude. :)

Anonymous said...

my son had a full leg cast at 15 months. and just so you know - an entire banana can be stuffed into a leg cast...

AtomiK Kitten said...

Poor Izzy. Fractures are no fun!

Keep those bananananananas away...

the planet of janet said...

oh poor izzy!

Bren said...

Still feel so bad for Izzy!

Those cheeks on Princess Emmy are just pinchable!

maggie's mind said...

Aw, poor Izzy! said...

poor lil sweetheart! Hope the 3 weeks passes fast!

Sandy C. said...

So sweet! Congrats on the rolling, what a great milestone! So sorry about the cast. Hope the weeks go by quickly.

Rebecca said...

Poor Izzy! :(

tumblewords said...

Ouch! Darling photos, though. Time does go so fast. said...

Sending hugs...for everyone!