Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend In Review

My lack of posting had everything to do with the nice warm weather and home repairs. Not to worry though, I still snuck in a few photo ops this weekend. We had such wonderful weather all weekend I made sure I was out and about. Emily turned 3 months old on Friday (oh my gosh!) and I have yet to take her pictures and write the post. I don't think she will mind me being a few days late with that. Saturday we ran some errands and went and saw Gamma and Papa. Izabel is always so thrilled and starts screaming for them once we turn down their street.

Lately, every time we have gone to see them, Izabel repeats over and over, "gama, papa, nanny, opa". I remind her that Nanny and Opa live in the desert and we will see them soon. It's very cute to hear her say the word desert.

We did video chat with Nanny and Opa this weekend though and Izabel very much liked that. Sometimes she does not seem so interested in talking on the camera, but afterwards her face lights up as she recalls who was just there. Nanny and Opa are under the weather with colds and we hope they feel better extra fast! xxoo

On Sunday, the girls and I went into the city again so that we could meet Gama and complete the shopping list for Izabel's pageant costume. I did find everything I needed I think, now I just have to get on with the show and make it. The pageant is this Saturday...Time is ticking!

The girls and I also did a Home Depot trip, which was exciting in itself for me. My favorite repair item of the day was a new kitchen sink faucet. Oh, it's so nice and so pretty! Daddy installed it last night and so far, it doesn't leak like our old one did. Thank-Goodness! We got a few other things that we have been waiting for and I really believe that this week will hold a lot of production and progress. Home Remodeling is a serious project, but I think Daddy has become really good at it. Each time we get something completed, it's that much more rewarding!

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Midlife Mom said...

Your babies are just beautiful!!! They will grow up fast so enjoy every minute with them! My 'baby' is 32 now!! ha!