Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Little Bit Of Everything

Wow, the past few days have been quite the whirlwind! My head is literally still spinning from the amount of action last week contained. Everyone is finally asleep and I have a moment or two to spare on updates. Because there is so much to share, I am going to cheat and bullet my thoughts this round. That way I do not run together numerous events without goes.

*Thursday marked Izabel's 25th Month Birthday. You all know how we celebrate every month! I took some photos and have lots to share, but I have to make that an individual post. I can't go stripping the girls of that just yet. More to come.

*Thursday also marked the begining of sick days for hubby. Daddy came down with some sort of bug that has left him terribly icky. He feels awful and yet continues to do what he can for the girls and I. We made him stay home and lay in bed all day Saturday, but he still feels just as bad today. I have been having him take meds but they don't seem to be making a bit of difference and his fever fluxes all day long. I really hope he feels better soon!! The laundry is piling up...JUST KIDDING!

*In addition to Daddy being ill, he was kind enough to pass it on to little Miss Emily. Emily is doing quite good with her miserableness and is handling it quite well. She's a tad bit more fussy than usual but no fevers or vomiting. I did take her to the doctor on Saturday for that and a diaper rash that has been lingering for over a month now. Doctor confirmed an Upper Respiratory Infection and had no idea what to think of the rash. We've seen several doctors since she was born concerning her diaper rashes and this one specifically has been lingering for over a month. We have tried everything over the counter and prescription wise to try and clear it up, but no such luck. This last doc had the pharmacy mix up some crazy goop from scratch to see if it will heal the rash. Other than that, they are suggesting that her rashes may be an allergic reaction to disposable diapers. Therefore we have been asked to switch her into cloth or an organically made disposable. I haven't quite decided which direction to go in, but I think I may be leaning toward cloth. Do you think I can handle it?! In addition to all the glory of illness, Emily was put on a scale for routine purposes while in the office...take a guess...sit down for this one...15 pounds, 1 ounce! Yeah, no typo there. It seems as though my little Emily, who hardly eats at all, is packing on the pudge!

*Saturday morning, prior to Emily's doc appointment, Izabel participated in her first ever Lad and Lassie Contest. The contest is sorta like a talent and beauty pageant all wrapped into on. She did great and had a lot of fun. She wouldn't say anything while on stage, but she did give quite the smirk. There were 35 contestants in all and she was the best dressed baby girl there. Izabel didn't win this year, but we do have plans to enter her next year. I can't wait! I didn't get very many good pictures because Izzy refused to stand still long enough for the flash to hit. She was so excited to be there! More pictures on FLICKR!

*Even though it's old news, we bought a new computer last weekend. We bought a 24" iMac. Our last iMac was in it's 8th year and extremely well worn. It's still a great computer, but I do a lot of work on the iMac and it just couldn't keep up anymore. We love it and although we had planned the purchase and thought everything through for several months, I still had buyers remorse. I always do though, even if it's a small purchase. The buyers remorse slowly hides itself once I come in and take a look it; it's beautiful! So, I am able to do loads more things with my pictures, which if I remember correctly is probably close to 30,000, and keep the work I do on them and other things right on my computer. I never was an Apple kind of girl, but after having one, I will never buy another PC again.

*And Finally, renovations are underway again at our house. Spring is usually when we start getting motivated again. We bought lots of supplies for several projects over the last week or two and as soon as Daddy is feeling better, we'll be ready to go. I am anxious to begin, but at the same time I know that each project needs our full attention. No more starting and stopping several at a time. Keep your fingers crossed that we do not run into anything too terrible!


Midlife Mom said...

Thanks for explaining the Haiku. I hadn't heard of that before. Now when I read your Haiku Friday I will know what to look for! No I suppose you've never heard of the oldies that I posted! heehee! Guess I'm giving away my age!!

So sorry Daddy has been sick and passed it along to Miss Emily! I hope they both are feeling better now. That diaper rash deal is the pits. I used cloth diapers, back then they had diaper services that came and dropped off clean ones and took the soiled ones. Don't know if that still exsists???? Would think the organic ones would be very expensive.

Will be anxious to hear how your projects come out! :o)

Donna said...

Hey Alisha... I used cloth diapers and they really do eliminate the rashes. You might try having her in the buff whenever you can with something under her (one of those waterproof mats) to catch it if she potties. Have you tryed corn starch? ... thats a good home remedy too.