Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter- 3 Times Over

Above: Izabel and Emily Easter Morning March 2008
Izabel 25 Months and Emily 3 Months

Below: [left] Izabel's 1st Easter April 2006 Below: [right]
Emily's 1st Easter March 2008

Rising early this morning, Izabel and Emily began their Easter Sunday without a bath or brushing teeth. Izabel especially loved opening her baskets and Emily found hers to be quite eye catching! Both of the girls received some great gifts from the Easter Bunny and also from Nanny and Opa. Gifts Included: Glow in the Dark Stars and Solar System, Shoes, Hair Ties, Slinky's, Crayons with holder, Books, Candy, Stuffed Bunnies, Bibs, Toys, Bowls and so much more. Thank you Nanny and Opa for the gifts and having a wonderful Easter morning video chat with us. Wish we could have been there with you.

I cooked our traditional Easter morning breakfast and made cookies and Paska for later. My Paska turned out really good this year. After breakfast, the girls got theirs baths and played with their new things before we left for Gama and Papa's house for Easter Dinner.

Both girls napped before the festivities began. We ate dinner, which was wonderful! Who doesn't enjoy Kansas City Strip! After dinner, and when the girls woke up, Izabel proceeded to open up both her and Emily's Easter gifts from Gama and Papa. More eggs filled with money, Pez, Clothes, Bubble Makers and more. Izabel is really getting the hang of opening two-sets of presents. I wonder how she'll take it once Emily can open her own? After gift opening, Izabel dressed in her best Easter Bunny suit and headed out to find the eggs the Easter Daddy had hidden. Oh what fun it is to watch her find them. Especially with the practice she got last weekend, she's really quite good! Every time she spotted one she'd say, "oooooo", and the the color. So adorable!

It was a wonderful day full of things to eat and new things to play with . I think I took some 200 pictures, many of which are posted to FLICKR!. You really cannot miss this batch of pictures. Both Izabel and Emily look absolutely amazing in their outfits! We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!


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