Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday Emily Rose

Miss Emily, I am a few days late (again) posting your monthly progress. I hope you don't mind, but you have been keeping me busy. At 3 months old you are as adorable as ever. Your smiles and laughter are on the rise and it doesn't take much for Daddy to get you giggling. You have become a more happy and content baby however you still have a day or so when nothing soothes you. The swing usually works when everything else fails. The bouncer is still your least favorite but you will sit in it and entertain yourself while I am in the kitchen.

Your sleeping patterns are slowly changing. The nights are still more than great and then in the morning after about 1-2 hours of eating and playing, you are sound asleep again. You are awake a majority of the evening until it's time to go to bed. I can almost always lay you in your bassinet and you will go to sleep. We have yet to move you to your crib in your room though. I cannot say I have a specific excuse for that, but you sleep very well in your bassinet and I think I just like having you close to us. I hope to make it a priority in the coming month.
Izabel has become quite the entertainer for you and she can almost always make you smile. She does like to touch your head a lot and you really don't like that. You make this cute little squishy face and your lips turn downward and then comes a little cry. She's working on being nicer, give her some time and you will be able to return the gesture soon enough.
Per the doctors orders, we have not started you on any other types of food or cereal. You remain on the Nutramigen and will be until at least 6 months. You are begining to eye our food a little bit and last night Daddy let you suck on a pretzel. You really liked that. Food will come soon enough.

As for developmental milestones, you seem to be right where you should be. You hold your head very well and during tummy time you bring your head higher and higher. You sit pretty good on the couch or chair and while in someone's lap. Tummy time is still not a passion of yours. You would like to remain on your back. You like to lay in the middle of the floor with toys all around you. Just this last week you have begun reaching for them and shoving all sorts of things in your mouth. You love to eat your hands and I can almost bet that you have stuck your entire fist in your mouth. Your hands still hold tight in a fist but less often then before.
You are very ticklish as well. Your feet are your most ticklish spot and on the sides of your tummy too. It's so good to see you smile and squirm.

This next month should hold lots of wonderful new adventures for you. You are well on your way to picking on your sister as much as she picks on you. Love you to pieces angel!

More 3 Month Emily Rose Pictures can be found on FLICKR! Enjoy!

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