Friday, March 21, 2008

GOOD Haiku FRIDAY: Demolition Has Begun

Our Roof Is Leaking
The Wood Siding Needs Replaced

No Worries, They're Here

I think it's safe to write this post, as the contractor has already begun tearing things down. Today, early this morning, I was awoken by a loud knock on the door. Just having woke up, I hesitantly opened the door and found my roof and siding contractor standing before my eyes. Okay, they said work was going to begin soon but I didn't think this soon! We just met to finalize project details last night! I had the honor of selecting the shingle and siding colors as Greg said he trusted my judgment. We will see as I am not sure I trust my own judgment! Everything looks nice in the catalog but who knows what it looks like on the house.

We are so excited and I honestly cannot believe it's happening. We have waited so long for this. Our home is going to look completely different, which is a good thing! Not to mention a leak free roof! I am not sure how long construction will take, but they are projecting a week to have both the roof and siding complete as well as the J Channel and so forth. Not too shabby!

I love to document things with photos but I am not sure these construction workers want their face plastered all over the website. I'll wait for their breaks and try to get photos of the work in progress.

Yay for us!! What a GOOD FRIDAY!

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the planet of janet said...

yay! glad this is getting started.

NannyJ said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you! We finally finished our house after quite a few years of remodeling (we did it ourselves).

It's an awesome thing to watch a transformation of that magnitude.

Happy Haiku Friday!

Kat said...

A happy Friday, indeed! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

yea! and it will be done so fast!

Bren said...

Very cool1 I saw your pics. You must be excited to have it finished.