Thursday, February 28, 2008

What We're Doing

We are begining to get busy now that Spring is on our doorstep. I have every intention to keep the girls busy this summer. Izabel will begin gymnastics on March 6th. I am very excited to have her begin and hope that she does "well with others". I believe that the class will give her a sense of interacting with others as well as wear her out more than I can at home!

As of yesterday, with the help of Gama Moss, Izabel has entered her first "pageant". I want to use that term loosely. We have entered Izabel in a St. Patrick's Day tradition here in Kansas City; The Lad and Lassie of the Snake Saturday Parade. Each year, North Kansas City holds the Snake Saturday Parade and simultaneously the Missouri State BBQ Championship. The parade is very popular and people from all over come to watch. With Izabel turning 2 years old, she is now eligible to compete in the Lad and Lassie contest. The Lad and Lassie/Mr and Miss Snake Saturday must be between the ages of 2 and 7. Winners will ride in a convertible in the Snake Saturday Parade as well as crowned the winner of 2008. Contestants are judged on their appearance, theme, stage presence and overall green attire. I've already sketched out the costume for Izabel and hope to make it this weekend. The contest will be held next weekend, March 8th. Winners will ride in the parade on March 15th. We are doing this for fun and have every intention on attending the parade no matter what. Last year we had a great time with Izabel; click here to see the green. Send Izabel good thoughts and even if she doesn't win, she is still the most beautiful baby girl Ever!

Emily will be keeping busy as well even though we have decided not to put her into any classes. She's growing so fast. The other night she had a whole conversation in her bassinet while gazing at a balloon on the ceiling. It was music to my ears. Babbling away and cooing for almost 30 minutes. She still sleeps a lot. The late afternoon is about the only time she is awake enough to want to play and do tummy time. I really cannot believe it's been 3 months. She is growing yet still so small.

I am so very excited for the warmer weather to arrive. This has been a very wet winter and very cold too! I am ready to be outside and Izabel is looking forward to her pool!

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