Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Ramblings

Wednesday was not the least bit warm, temperatures were in the single digits and the wind paralyzing. I had planned to stay in most of the day. The girls were good and Daddy took half a day to spend the afternoon with them. I baked some cookies. Emily did some wonderful tummy time and played with Izzy on the floor for a very good amount of time before deciding that we had worked enough.
Contractors visited in the morning to take pictures of the house and do paperwork to begin the process of putting on a new roof and installing siding on the entire house. I am very excited for them to begin the work, especially since the rainy season is coming soon. The girls did great while he was here and Izabel actually talked his ear off and offered him Cheezits.

The girls and I did eventually wonder into the city to see Gama and Papa. All the way in, Izabel kept saying, "Gama, Papa, Nanny, Popa..." over and over again. I tried to explain that Nanny and Popa lived in the desert and Gama and Papa lived in Missouri. Her response, "okay".

The girls fell asleep on the way home and I called it an early night.
I've included some pictures, notice Emily has learned and likes to suck her thumb.

On one final note, I was finally able to find a program for Izabel. Izzy will begin gymnastics on March 6th. She will go once a week for 1 hour. The class consists of 5 children and along with tumbling, they teach socialization, gross motor skills, listening skills, balancing, and some other topics I cannot remember. It should be a lot of fun and I look forward to Izabel making some friends.

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