Thursday, February 14, 2008

Izabel's First Smiley Face and Presents

Izabel loves to write on her Magna-Doodle all day long. Not a day passes when she hasn't brought it out and made circles and squares and asking Daddy to draw with her. Last night I was in the kitchen with Emily while Daddy was hanging out with Izabel in the living area. Daddy came in all excited because Izabel drew her first smiley face! We were so excited and couldn't believe it.

It is truly amazing to watch Izabel growing up. Each day she never ceases to surprise us.

For a few days now, Izabel has been itching to open a gift that Nanny and Opa sent her. It came in a beautiful red bubble envelope; so enticing for a 2 year old. Daddy finally gave in last night and let her open it. (I was saving it for Valentines Day)So away she went and so pleased to open the goodies. New hair bows and a baby doll were worth the excitement and Izabel even opened Emily's. Of course Emily's books and socks were just as good and Izabel played with them as well. Thank you Nanny and Opa for the Valentines gifts.

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NannyJ said...

Happy Valentine's Day to our sweethearts! xoxo