Sunday, February 17, 2008

Izabel's First Haircut

Finally, after 2 years of waiting, until the very last moment, I called and made an appointment for Izabel to have her hair trimmed. I called my stylist, whom I have been seeing for something like 12 years or more, and told her it was finally time. Izabel did fantastic; she didn't even move a muscle. She was very still and very quiet and let the stylist do what had to be done. I think she liked the Harry Potter Cover as well. All we did was a little trim around and then we cut off what was begining to look something like a rat-tail in the back. All of her curls immediately bounced up and took shape. Her hair is so beautiful and now looks cute as it flows around her neck line. Izabel's curls were kept and the stylist put them in a little bag and in a certificate announcing her first haircut. It's so cute and we cannot wait to frame it.

Pictures Of Izzy's First Haircut-

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