Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hoppin' Poppin' Princess

Yesterday I climbed into the attic and began clearing out girls clothing that we did not need any longer. While up there I retrieved the Hop and Pop and a floor toy for Emily. (More items to clutter the house) Emily really liked the floor mat toy. She laid on her back and watched the monkey's swoop up and down in front of her. Then I put her in the Hop and Pop to encourage her to develop more strength in her upper trunk. She liked it for awhile, but then decided the red flashing lights were no longer entertaining. She did manage to "pop" it a few times by pushing up on her legs. She's got very strong legs!

We have several moments of tummy time a day, but Miss Emily is not as cooperative as her sister was. She gets easily frustrated while on her stomach. I've really been encouraging her in hopes that she will soon like doing it. The BUMBO has been in use all month and she is getting used to that as well. Also, the last week or so, Emily has been pulling herself forward. Like while she's in her swing, slightly reclined, she pulls her head and neck forward. That's a great sign!

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