Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Random Pictures

Nothing new to report on in the last couple of days. Emily seems to be slightly more content than the previous week or so. She sure is starting to like the camera. Usually as soon as she sees the flash, she shuts her eyes. She's doing really well with being on her tummy and holds her head up longer and longer each time. Even while holding her on my shoulder she has to lift herself up and look around.

Izabel helped make cookies this morning and again found it in her heart to donate another big box of toys to another little girl. I think we have downsized all we can for the moment. This box of toys seemed harder for her to let go of, but she did and will probably never look back. She's been very talkative today, going on and on about so many things. When Greg came home for lunch, she saw him out the window, came running to me and said, "Daddy's coming, Daddy's coming!!" She's like my own little security camera.

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