Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hallmark's Kansas City Kaleidoscope

Daddy had the day off today so we took advantage and took the girls to Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is a center created by Don Hall of Hallmark Cards just for kids. They have several different crafts and hands on things to do for children of all ages. There were not many children there today so there was room enough for Izabel to run and play. I can remember going to Kaleidoscope when I was a child and making all kinds of Christmas ornaments and paper hats.

Today at Kaleidoscope, Izabel colored snowmen, dots, stars and hearts. She made a paper hat, a pair of sunglasses, a puzzle, painted some flowers, taped some bows and ribbons, and made a card for soldiers over seas. Izabel's most favorite hands on experience was a shuttle that had several different buttons to push once inside. Each button was a different musical beat that she loved dancing to.

Emily went with us as well and hung out (literally) in the sling strapped to my chest. She did excellent and slept through the entire day of events. Before we went to Kaleidoscope we toured the Hallmark Visitors Museum as well. Lots of beautiful archives to look at and lots of neat facts. There were tons of old Christmas ornaments. The part I found very neat was the Christmas Cards that several US Presidents had purchased and sent out; some as many as 30,000. I'd have to say Kennedy picked the prettiest card. We were also able to see how Hallmark makes gift bows. It was a very cool machine and we actually got to make a bow for each of us.

Today started early for us and then we had lunch with Papa Moss before Kaleidoscope. Thank you Papa for taking us out and showing us around your office. It was a very busy day but the girls did great and we loved having the time to go out with Izabel and Emily. There are several pictures from the day included in the slide show below. Enjoy!!

More Kaleidoscope Pictures:

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