Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Birthday's and Coo's

Yesterday was fairly uneventful for our little ladies. It continues to be very cold and therefore we haven't ventured out anywhere. Izabel has been very antsy though and I think we are going to have to go out sooner than later. She enjoys being home most of the time, but she also likes being out and about and shopping. I think Izabel's 2nd year molars are making their way through as well. Or at least I hope that's what explains her disposition the past week or two. She's very irritable and less patient than usual. She cries at the slightest bit of confrontation or frustration when doing something. Seriously, huge tears flow from her beautiful blue eyes and her face mushes up like the world has ended. It doesn't last long, but she really has got the hang of making tears instantaneously.

I've not done any party planning for Izzy's birthday yet but I think I really need to get on the ball. I am hesitant as to what to do. I have a hall booked, but I am not sure we will have the party there. Izabel has only one friend her age so the party is mostly adults. Last year she had 6 people attend and it was nice, but not worth renting a hall for. So I'll make the announcement now, any friends and family wanting to attend her birthday party the weekend of FEBRUARY 9th or 10th, leave us some kisses, hugs and love. This should give me an idea of what direction I should go.

Emily is doing fantastic. It seems as though she has passed the point of general discomfort. She is actually cooing so often now that it just blows my mind. This morning she seemed to recognize me so much better than she has and her face lit up with such a smile! I am very pleased to see her doing so well again.

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