Thursday, January 10, 2008

6 Weeks Post Partum

Ah, the six week marker has arrived. I have officially been released from care and considered well enough to go on living life as I did BEFORE Emily. Um, Ok? That is a little bit more complicated these days as I Do have TWO children now. All is peachy-keen though and I think I have been living life as usual since I came home from the hospital, although I am not sure I can convince Daddy I am still recuperating. Guess that means I'll have laundry duty again.

Today's check up was as good as any. Blood Pressure was 117/76, incision looks PERFECT, no swelling and all of my insides have resumed their normal size and position. My weight this time actually went up, but I expected it to. Not bad though, just shy of 3 pounds. I am still happy with the end result.

Today also marks 6 weeks of life for Miss Emily. She of course is doing fabulous as well. Her skin is still smooth and perfect, her eyes showing slightly bit more color, and her smiles are coming more often than not. Coincidently, Emily went back on her "regular" formula today as the high and mighty Alimentum showed no improvements. I am not looking forward to what's coming next. It's not that she is a screaming baby, but she does have her moments. I am convinced that she has MSPI just as Izabel did.
It is said to pass down from child to child and sometimes worsens with each subsequent child. I will not say that Emily is as uncomfortable as Izabel was, but there is defiantly the same issues going on. So her PED is working up a plan of action and we should hear something by days end tmrw. Emily is still a pretty good sleeper though. Last night she slept from 1130pm to 9am. Not too shabby for being 6 weeks old.

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