Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Valley Snow Angels

The girls have finally had a few quiet days at home. We did a little running yesterday, but they were glad to get out and both behaved wonderfully. Izabel proved to be quite the angel this last week. Her and I went through her room and removed a bunch of toys to donate to charity. More than a box full came out of the adventure, plus a bean bag chair and her prized Lightning McQueen car. With the help of mommy, Izabel gave her toys to a family with a 1 year old little girl. She didn't seem to mind that they were leaving however she did play with everything one last time before they were gone. I think we will do this every year around the holidays to ensure another child can play with the toys the girls have outgrown.

Emily has been pretty good, yesterday was a bit rough on her tummy though. I am still not sure what exactly her discomfort is, but I think we will call the doc tmrw for a check up. Otherwise, Emily made a real progress last night; she slept pretty much through the night with the exception of 15 minutes early this morning. No bottles and no binky. I think she just wore herself out so much yesterday that once she was comfy, she just wanted to sleep.
The New Year is just around the corner. We have no plans but to stay home and celebrate with our beautiful girls. I am not sure what we will have in store for them as a celebration, but I am sure they will enjoy whatever we put together.

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