Friday, December 21, 2007

Mommy's Doc Appointment and Santa

Yesterday was my 3 week doctor's appointment after the c-section. All looks well with my incision and my blood pressure was great, 102/77. The best news about the appointment was my weight LOSS. I am down 31.5 pounds since delivering Emily 3 weeks ago. YEAH!! I didn't even gain half that with the pregnancy. So, that really made my day. Now if another 30 would go away I'd look like a whole new mommy!

So then Daddy and I were taking the girls to see Santa. What a nightmare! There is one Santa in a 30 mile or more radius of us. We went in the afternoon, the girls were dressed to the "T" in velvet and red. We finally find an elevator to get the stroller down to the lower level and what-do-you-know, there's every mother and their child waiting in line. Seriously, there must have been 75 or so kids waiting in line!! There was no way I was waiting for that. I thought to try again today, but I am not so sure. It was work enough yesterday dressing them and doing the hair thing and all. Mental Note: Next year, go earlier than a week before Christmas!

Izabel did however get to ride her very first choo choo train. She loves trains right now and was thrilled to see one up close and then actually ride it. She did really great for riding it and without parents.

Boxes continue arriving for the girls. Thanks to everyone who's sending them Christmas goodies! Izabel has very quickly picked up on what the mail-lady does. Every morning she asks if there are boxes.

Speaking of mornings, today was a very good morning as Izabel said something new to me when she woke up.

"...mornin' mama" And then I got a very tight hug and a kiss. Then of course she says..."cartoons?"

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