Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Emmy News

Miss Emily is finally starting to stay awake long enough for me to catch some pictures of her with her eyes open. Not too long though! She does love her sleep. She has started to focus a little bit better on us when we talk to her and her eyes are begining to follow us when we are close and going from one side of her to the other. Her stork bites are just as noticeable as they were when she was born, but hopefully they will fade sooner than later. Her little belly button stump fell off a few days ago and Greg is thankful it's another "innie". Did you know that "innie's" and "outies" are hereditary?? Yep, it's another trait passed down through the line. She still doesn't eat very much, but I do beleive she's eating as much as she wants. Our weight check is Monday and I hope she's gained some, but so far I think she remains at 7 pounds. Tiny as tiny can be. Oh and she still loves to be swaddled. She seems most content all wrapped up in a blanket, but her hands must be free. Emily is one beautiful baby and sweet as ever! She's really doing wonderful!

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