Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Party On Ice

Today has been quite an eventful day for us and the girls. First off, the freezing rain and snow continues to fall. This morning it was so cold outside! Currently we are having a lot of rain that is freezing everything solid. The snow that fell in the previous days is now covered in a sheet of ice that will eventually measure 1/2" or more. Ice sickles have begun to form and the power lines are now in danger of breaking. More than 100,000 of us are expected to be without power in the coming hours with many more being added to the list by morning. Tuesday morning brings no hope as the freezing rain and snow are expected to get worse through midnight tmrw.

So the good news in all of this yucky weather is that we did manage to make it to Daddy's company Christmas Party here in town. The girls of course looked absolutely adorable and not one person could disagree. I tell you, our girls attract more attention than any children I have ever seen. Now, I may be bragging a little, but honestly, people stop us on the street to inform us how beautiful our girls are. Izabel looked fabulous in her new dress from Nanny Jack. It's not only a pretty design, but the way it fits her is just perfect. Emily wore a pristine white felt jumpsuit that not only looked cute on her, but kept her very warm in the weather.

Izabel made some new friends and even seemed to have a crush on a much older boy. I am not sure of his age, maybe around 10 or so, but he and Izabel really had a thing for each other. Emily of course was passed from hand to hand with some individuals not wanting to share. I literally had to inform adults to share our little girl. Emily did excellent though and mostly slept through the evening. She did however wake up to poop and see Santa. Neither of the girls were afraid of Santa. Izabel kept trying to "butt" in line to see him even. They both sat on his lap and received the first presents of the season.

Izabel received a talking/giggling Elmo cell phone. She loved this toy and played with it intently...that is until Emily's gift was opened. Emily received a glow worm and Izabel just loves it! It lights up and plays different children's night time melody's.

We had a great time tonight!! The weather got very nasty real quick, but we rushed home and the girls were safe and sound in no time. Personally, it was nice for me to dress up and go out. I have lost 25 pounds since Emily was born and I am already wearing my regular clothes again. I even wore make-up! Greg looked handsome as ever and made me proud as he went around flaunting his three pretty little girls...

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The Bryant Family said...

I am glad everyone is doing good. I guess I need ot have another baby so I can lose 25 pounds....yeah right, I still have the baby weight. Darn. Congrats though. The girls look great. Izzy is getting so big, and look at all the hair. I am glad the thrush is getting better.