Thursday, August 16, 2007

About Us

Hello and Welcome to Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander!!


I am Alisha and I started blogging in 2005 and have been addicted ever since. I am a stay-at-home mother and I live on Dr. Pepper. Or rather, Dr. Pepper keeps me going. I am married to the fabulous Greg, who is my soul mate and best friend. We celebrated 13 years in May 2009.

I am a simple mother with a simple life. I don't run my days on a schedule and my kids often have a smudge of dirt somewhere on them. It's not the dirt that matters, it's the fun they had getting dirty.

I love to take photos and aspire to be somewhat of a professional someday. My camera is always with me, just like one of my children. You can see more about my equipment by looking in the Photography link.
I love to take photographs of our family and show the world just how magnificent they really are, they are my favorite subjects. I've been privileged to have a few photos published on NowPublic News and Schmap too.


Gregory | Portrait

This is my handsome husband and loving Daddy, Greg. Greg is a Graphic's Artist and lover of music and art. He plays guitar and drums, loves to play video games, watch movies and spend time with us girls. He's the best husband and Daddy anyone could ever ask for.


Rocking Izzy
Princess Izabel, Born February 2006. The oldest child and the silliest. There's never a dull moment while Izabel is in you presence. She's outgoing and sweet, a lover of all art supplies, a flower picker, music loving, Spongebob loving, out doorsey, Daddy's girl. Izabel also loves to cook and play haircut! Currently aspiring to be a doctor.

Current As Of: 09/09/10
40 Pounds
40 Inches Tall



Princess Emily, Born November 2007. Emily is a snuggle-bug. She's an animal loving, cheese eating, Wiggles loving, music loving, little Mommy's girl. She's an excellent sleeper and well on her way to having the curliest hair ever.

Current As Of: 09/09/10
35 Pounds
37 Inches Tall


Alexander 08/22/2010

Prince Alexander, Born August 2010. Alexander is currently a tiny bundle of joy. He's so sweet and loves to snuggle up with us on his tummy. He sleeps countless hours and still has to wear preemie and newborn size clothing.

Current As Of: 09/09/10
8 Pounds, 5 Ounces
19 Inches Long